A family owned farm

a little about us

We are Bill & Candy Vinduska, owner operators of Spring Creek Peafowl & Valais Blacknosed Sheep. We are located on our peafowl farm close to Marion, KS which is 75 miles northeast of Wichita. We are Peafowl breeders (Peacock, Peahen and Peachick) dedicated to producing healthy and beautiful peafowl in unique colors and patterns.

Bill Vinduska peafowl whisperer
Bill the Peafowl Whisperer.
Candy VInduska with one of her Valais Blacknosed Sheep
Candy with a Valais Blacknosed sheep.

After 20+ years of owning and operating an indoor shooting range in Wichita, Ks. Bill and Candy retired to the family farm in Marion Ks.  They built a new home and barn and quickly started adding a few animals to the 100+ beehives that they had already been tending,  They both had a variety of animals growing up and through the years including horses, cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and pheasants.  Bill has had pheasants, quail, chickens, and turkeys but the one bird that Bill always had wanted was the peafowl.


The farm was inundated with grasshoppers and ticks so the logical addition of guineas was the first priority along with a few chickens.  Next, they started acquiring a few peafowls learning how to keep them alive, and later breeding them.  That is when the pen building began and like all hobbies, one thing led to another and now after 12 years, we have 30 breeding pens and seven grow-out pens, and large flight pens.


Like most peafowl fanciers we started out with the common and most beloved India Blues and have expanded to over a dozen of the more exotic mutation varieties and patterns plus a few special projects yet to be released.  We ship to the lower 48 states plus the US territories.  In 2022 we started shipping young chicks along with the breeder birds we had already been shipping.