EST. 2010

Spring Creek Peafowl Farm

We are a family run peafowl farm specializing in several varieties and unique colors.

Spring Creek Peafowl Farm was founded 12 years ago and has grown to be currently comprised of 30 breeding pens and seven grow-out pens, and large flight pens. We are located close to Marion, KS which is 75 miles northeast of Wichita.
Our farm consists of Peafowl in several color varieties: Spaulding Black Shoulder, Peach, Peach SP, Bronze BSWE, Spaulding Bronze, Purple, Purple BS, Cameo, Cameo BS, Cameo Pied WE, IB Pied, IBBSWE, IBSP, IBBSSP Opal, Opal SP, Opal BS, Spaulding Pied, Spaulding Midnight BS.
We also have African Gray Parrots, a bunch of those dang guineas and  honeybees, around 200 hives. We couldn’t do it without our cats who are great mousers and our two Great Pyrenees.
Please enjoy these photos that were taken around our farm.