Spring Creek Peafowl

our color varieties

Here are some photo galleries showing our variety of colors in our Peafowl.

Spalding Silver Pied Peacock

Spalding Silver Pied is a mostly White bird with about 10-20% color. They will often have a gray to silver color on the saddle on the cocks back.

Spalding Pied Peacock

As all Spaldings tend to have brighter colors in general the Pieds will be a combination of color with white markings. Pieds are a colored bird with 30-40% white markings. […]

Spalding White Peacock

Spalding White is different than India Blue White in appearance. Spalding White is brighter than the IB mutation White, Spaldings are also larger, taller, and have longer legs, neck, and […]

Spaulding Pied Peacock

Peach Peacocks

Here are a few of our Peach Peacocks.

Red Buff Peafowl Hen

Here are some photos of our Peafowl Red Buff hens.

Violet Black Shoulder

These are Violet Black Shoulder peacocks.